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  • A pack of Bell Saffron contains 100% Pure & Natural Saffron of Kashmir origin. It is packed in an air-tight, food grade container, housed in a pilfer proof purple carton. The Bell Saffron logo stands out and the Bell embossed see-through window showcases the deep crimson-red Saffron strands.
  • Bell Saffron is tested in QC & QA Lab as per BIS standards IS:5453:1994. Every pack of Bell Saffron has three essential stamps printed on it - Laboratory tested, Grade 1 Saffron, FSSAI logo.
  • Bell Saffron contains dried stigmata of Crocus Sativus flowers that have an Intense aroma,Unique colour & Distinct flavour. It is non-irradiated.
  • Bell Saffron is ideal for adding flavour to Milk, Culinary dishes like desserts, sweets and savouries. It is well known for its benefits to expecting mothers during pregnancy.
  • Grade 1 Saffron — Mongra. This variety of Saffron with unique native characteristics is deep crimson-red in colour and is only produced in Pampore, Kashmir, India. A Few threads/strands of Bell Saffron impart great flavour, colour and aroma to your everyday cuisines.

Kashmiri Mongra Saffron - 1g

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